To the tried-and-true family vacation, the couple’s getaway, pre-wedding and destination wedding jaunts, add another modern approach to travel. A friends’ trip, whether for men, women or a mixed group, is now a trendy way to see the world or explore your own local region. Traveling with your besties creates the ultimate cocoon, and inviting a promising newer friend or two can be an amazing way to form lifelong bonds. Here are ten reasons to plan a getaway with friends.

Face Time, not FaceTime

While today’s technology gives us many ways to stay in touch when we’re far apart, there’s an intimacy missing from group chats, online meet-ups and screen-based conversations. Strolling an unfamiliar city shoulder-to-shoulder with pals, clinking glasses at a charming café and sharing hugs and high-fives at the end of a hike or adventure experiences can’t be re-created virtually. Sharing a bedroom or hotel room might even make you feel like you’re back in school again!

Pack Like a Pack

Whether it was gym gear, prom attire or the venerable “something borrowed,” you’ve likely shared clothes with friends in the past. On contemporary trips, a group packing list can save space and weight on bulky items, from camping and sports equipment to bulky cold-weather apparel, dress-up wardrobes and more. Whether you’re flying or driving, sharing the load makes packing and traveling easier for everyone in your group.

Making Moments

The memories you’ll make on a group travel adventure are the most prized souvenirs, but the pictures will be worth a thousand words! Smartphone cameras are ubiquitous, but the renaissance of retro instant-camera and disposable-camera pictures makes them a lovely pack-along gift for pals. And sharing memorable candids might inspire you to plan another trip together.

Make Lemonade

The 2016 Beyoncé album inspired a generation of so-called Lemonade parties, celebrations held by scorned paramours to assert their freedom, despite the “lemons” life handed them. Likewise, a group of friends can turn a break-up, separation or divorce, or the poignancy of an empty nest into a moment to gather for an inspiring voyage. Sometimes, all a friend needs is a change of perspective on vacation to change their outlook on everyday life.


A group jaunt in a “big birthday” year (think: ages with a zero on the end) or opting for a private trip to celebrate a reunion milestone are worthy occasions for getting friends together in a special destination. Why not look back to your friend-iversary, the time when you met or bonded with a group, to get the old gang back together? It can become an annual or epoch-marking occasion to gather and not only reminisce, but to make new memories.

To Exhale

It could be a spa and wellness retreat, or a vigorous hiking, diving or sporting holiday. But there is no better way to bond with buddies than to do something physical. There are certain activities—from rounds of golf to zip-lines and bungee jumps—that are simply more fun and exhilarating with a group. Whether it’s a high-adrenaline moment or a chance to stop, relax and catch your breath, the group that invests in its well-being together, stays together.

Bigger Bucket List

Perhaps you’ve been checking off spots on your personal dream-destination and experience list at a rapid clip. But do you ever wonder what travel encounters your friends have on their list? Comparing your bucket-list travel dreams might provide new incentive, and inspiration, for a group trip.

Be Transformers

Travel can be a powerful force for changing aspects of your physical, mental or philosophical self. A group journey to a calming or spiritually significant spot can be as transformational as an adventure that tests the limits of your fitness or strength. While certain types of relaxation holidays are designed to put you deeply into a comfort zone, transformational travel embraces the potential to explore your edges—something that is often easier in the company of friends.

Strength in Numbers

Even when exploring safe parts of the world, there’s security in numbers. Asking for directions, dining, taking transportation and exploring can all be more comfortable with companions, even for seasoned travelers. Emerging destinations, or trips to remote or wilderness areas, are definitely more enjoyable surrounded with trusted travel buddies.

Spacious Suites

A multi-bedroom suite not only provides group gathering space during your stay, it can be an entirely new experience versus staying in individual rooms. Splurging on a multi-room suite offers perks and indulgences like private pools, butlers or fireplaces. In addition to having ample space to enjoy private me-time, choosing these accommodations immediately elevates your getaway into a memorable bonding experience with your besties.

Isn’t it time you set up a group chat to inspire your besties to travel with you? Just remember, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts call the most exciting destinations home. And our concierges are the best at helping you navigate their favorite city.