Children love coloring and playing, but adults also have inner artists that need care and feeding. When the urge to get inspired reappears in your life, don’t hesitate to make room for creativity. Pablo Picasso claimed that art washes away from the soul the dust of ordinary life. If you’re ready to spend a relaxing getaway pleasing your senses, here’s how you can entice your inner artist to come out and play.

Casual Art: Taking It to the Streets in Austin

Art is everywhere in Austin, Texas. It’s free and lively, with no lines or tickets. Experiencing the city’s public art is a matter of taking a walk and keeping your eyes open. The street art here is colorful, vibrant, diverse and ubiquitous, with murals popping up along alleyway walls, bridges and buildings. 

Start your art visit in the dynamic Central Business District. Fairmont Austin is distinctly downtown, but surrounded by the greenery of Palm Park and Waller Creek. It’s an ideal jumping-off point for touring much-admired murals like “Historic 6th Street,” “Hi, How Are You” and quirky “Austintatious,” a celebration of the city’s history and culture.

But the street art that opens the door to your personal creativity might just as easily be the gigantic portraits of Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin on East 7th Street, or something painted fresh that very morning on a garage door. Street art inspires because it feels so immediate and unstudied, the result of a sudden spark of insight. Stroll whichever way the wind blows you and let the incredible energy of Austin’s public art scene fill you with the desire to create.

You may have already left your heart in San Francisco, so how about doing art there? Working with guidance is a tried and true way to spark creativity, and where better than the City by the Bay, with its rich artistic and literary heritage.

Scope out an evening or weekend workshop that lines up with your visit and plan a stay at Fairmont San Francisco. High atop famed Nob Hill, the hotel offers unmatched panoramic views that, together with its elegant amenities, ensure a joyful and inspired adventure.

San Francisco has numerous art classes, so tailor your experience to your own preferences, from  charcoal drawing to watercolors, urban sketching or mixed-media materials. You could also try working with textiles and craft your own cushion covers or learn dyeing techniques. Complete beginners as well as those perfecting their skills can easily find intriguing workshops.

Renowned Art: New York MoMA

Few cities revere art more than the Big Apple, with dozens of art museums and an estimated 1,500 galleries. There’s something serene about wandering through a museum and simply soaking up the vibe.

If this sounds like a path that might unleash your inner artist, head to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and explore the Cubist works, including Picasso’s pivotal “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.” Cubist artists broke previous strictures of form, texture, color and space to create paintings of radically fragmented objects. This explosive, fearless creativity is certain to pique your curiosity and motivate your own artistic experimentation.

Previous visits to MoMA won’t limit the inspiration a second, third or 10th trip might awaken. As artist Georgia O’Keeffe wrote, “To see takes time,” and MoMA’s vast and varied collection (including paintings, sculptures, film, video and photography) feeds almost any type of artistic hunger.

When it comes to New York hotels, The Plaza needs no introduction. Since 1907, the iconic hotel has played host to royalty, presidents and celebrities, and hosted storied society affairs. The spectacular castle-like building sits on the corner of 5th Avenue and Central Park South, in the beating heart of the city.  And it’s as convenient as it is luxurious, within easy walking distance of MoMA.

Art Within: Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver

Fairmont Pacific Rim, in beautiful British Columbia, lies right in the center of vibrant Vancouver. Its dramatic setting, with mountain and harbor views, has created a magical atmosphere for awakening and nurturing artistic urges. While this urban resort features exciting amenities like a rooftop pool and award-winning restaurants, it’s also known for its unique and extensive art collection. 

The hotel’s art is an eclectic and glorious mélange rather than a themed collection. This is art straight out of a child’s daydream, and it showcases the best of local Vancouver artists while also highlighting the works of international artists. The experience starts outside the hotel, but soon wends its way into all the public areas. Discover the image of a Canadian rainforest superimposed on the southwestern facade of the hotel. Designed by Vancouver architect James K.M. Cheng, the illusion of trees and sunlight is created through dimples on 9,500 square feet of stainless steel.

And that’s just the beginning. Multiple other art projects have taken up permanent residence in the hotel. They range from the magnificent to the innovative. You’ll be entranced by Bocci’s 16.755, an installation of tall “trees” complete with 755 lit glass leaves that form an immersive canopy of light. Equally delightful is the extraordinary bicycle carousel, designed to store the hotel’s fleet of electric bikes in a collaboration of engineering and art.

As well as spotting the many integrated artworks, take the time to explore the hotel’s Pacific Gallery. In partnership with Vancouver’s Equinox Gallery, this space hosts a rotating selection of local and international artists.

Feeling Creative?

Any of these paths can inspire the artist within you. Pick one to get started, but there’s no reason to resist an urge to try two or more. Book with Fairmont today to let your inner artist loose.